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Waterfalls? Interactive art? This is not your typical digital receptionist

Tokyo – TeamLab’s ‘digital receptionist’ for welcomes visitors to a space that responds to human motion. 


How to be on-brand and hyper-local? Marni knows just the trick

Tokyo – The Italian fashion house blended its existing interior motifs with local design cues for the creation of its first Tokyo flagship.


At a sushi restaurant, is it actually better to eat standing up?

Tokyo – At the new location of Sushi Yoshii in Aoyama, the team behind DDAA turn to the dish’s history to find a different way of experiencing it today.


A new Japanese store uses light and AR to tell a (spooky) brand story

Tokyo – Curiosity’s proposal for Hipanda’s Omotesando store is a choose-your-own-adventure mystery tour disguised as a retail experience. 


Acne Studios’ Shibuya store proves carte blanche isn’t just for the art world

Tokyo – For the fourth interior rotation of the Swedish fashion brand’s one-and-only project store, the in-house design team created a tactile environment for the accessories range …


Your corner market might soon feature 3D-printed bioplastic furniture

Tokyo – Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, Dus made 3D-printed displays and furnishings for Loft, a department store in Ginza designed by Schemata Architects.


Poorly designed McDonald’s restaurants? That’s so 2009

Tokyo – NC Design & Architecture revamped a Tokyo McDonald's, taking a postmodern approach to help bolster the American company's spatial branding. 


This Japanese house is like a real-life version of Snakes and Ladders

Tokyo – Indoor living and outdoor life merge organically in Akihisa Hirata’s house-cum-gallery in urban Tokyo.


‘London is a place to develop ideas, while New York is a place to realise them’

Tokyo – Artist Mariko Mori lives between London, New York and Tokyo. In this excerpt from Where They Create: Japan, she discusses the differences between them.


‘Designers have not paid much attention to creating a vibrant store atmosphere’

Tokyo – In this essay, originally featured in our book about Schemata Architects, founder Jo Nagasaka discusses the role of retail design vs smartphones.


A Japanese flower artist turns disposed plants into botanical sculptures

Tokyo – Featured in our book Where They Create: Japan, botanical artist Makoto Azuma speaks about his lab, where he experiments with floral arrangements. 


What was this Tokyo apartment like before? Look to the ceiling for clues

Tokyo – The ceiling of the House of Wind and Light, a renovated apartment by Office Shogo Onodera, bears the tracks of its former layout.  

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