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Being inside this new ramen restaurant is like picnicking under cherry blossom trees

Sydney – Australian studio Span Design used colour and video mapping projection to create a dining experience like that during Japan’s annual Hanami festival.


Sibling Architecture advocates a more inclusive approach to spatial design

SYDNEY – Amelia Borg, Nicholas Braun, Jane Caught, Timothy Moore and Qianyi Lim’s participatory projects initiate conversations intended to facilitate spatial design.


Innovating the showroom concept with inspiration from Hollywood set design

SYDNEY – Bathtubs become set pieces in the innovative Artedomus showroom which won the St-W Awards people’s vote in its retail category.


A playground for the digital natives of our time, courtesy of TeamLab

SYDNEY – The whimsical exhibition Future Park in MAAS ignites creativity and changes our perception of and interaction with the spaces we inhabit.


Five Days of St-W 118: Noma here and there

Tulum, Mexico / Sydney, Australia – Despite its Scandinavian roots, Noma proves time and place trump all with pop-ups on two contrasting continents.


Mark A-to-Z: O is for Office

Whether you work a 9-to-5 or are sporting a freelancer lifestyle, the space we inhabit most of the hours of the week to sustain our livelihood should be designed to motivate.

The EY Centre by FJMT Studio. Photos Brett Boardman (unless otherwise stated)

A kinetic timber tower by FJMT responds to the elements

SYDNEY – Rising up from the sandstone bedrock of the east coast of Australia, the EY Centre stands out from the greyness of its surroundings.


Gensler draws on the domestic appeal of a Sydney home for tech giant Dropbox

SYDNEY – Despite the global nature of the client, themes and imagery from Australia were vital in the development of the design. 'We want it to have the DNA of the Dropbox family but with a design …


Immersive sweeping curves set the scene for Lava’s exploration of digital data

SYDNEY – Lava presents the work of over 60 international artists, designers and architects at Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital, an exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

Bare-faced concrete and corten steel interior contain Australia’s most cutting-edge information technology facilities.

Faculty of Engineering and IT by Denton Corker Marshall

SYDNEY – This enigmatic, angular building is part of ongoing efforts to create an ‘iconic and connected campus’ at Sydney’s University of Technology.

The viewing pavilion was part of Vivid Sydney’s spectacular light installations.

Cellular Tessellation by Chris Knapp

SYDNEY – Architectural researchers designed and built a site-specific viewing pavilion using computational techniques.

I Stay (Ngaya ngalawa) by Jenny Holzer, courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

I Stay (Ngaya Ngalawa) by Jenny Holzer

Known mostly for her large-scale public installations (incuding billboard advertisements, projections on buildings and LED-illuminated electronic displays, has never made a permanent …

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