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Is this the shopping mall of the future?

Hangzhou – X+Living’s Neobio Family Park in Hangzhou is a fantasy-filled destination for parent-child activities. 


At a Brazilian mall, a lifestyle shop lets the breeze block be

Rio de Janeiro – Terra e Tuma, a Sao Paulo-based architectural studio, responded to Oficina Itsu’s retail limitations with a smart, concrete use of time and materials.


Can luxury be quality and quantity? A 20-storey shopping centre in China says it can

Xi'an, China – Sybarite created SKP Xi’an, a mall that uses meticulous design to provide a cohesive experience among numerous experiential spaces and a thousand stores.


Universal Design Studio transforms Canberra's retail landscape by invoking its heritage

Canberra, Australia – Informed by 20th-century architect Walter Burley Griffin, the Canberra Centre emphasizes connection between people and with nature.


Everything but the mall: Kelly Wearstler and Gensler reinvent shopping centre aesthetics

Los Angeles – Forget endless corridors and standardized interiors, shopping malls open up to the local environment to remain relevant amidst the fast-changing nature of retail.


Studio Aisslinger designs another Bikini Berlin space ‘to be wowed in’

Berlin – Inspired by the Southern Californian pop-art aesthetic, Aisslinger takes a laid-back, contemporary approach to the Kantini interior while referencing its context.


Spring returns: the stunning reconstruction of Printemps Haussmann

PARIS – Uufie’s reconstruction of the historic department store introduces a new atrium inspired by springtime flowers as well as by the building’s Art-Nouveau aesthetic.


Ran & Morris integrates fashion, fun and functionality in Serbian shopping centre

Belgrade – A new 45,000-sq-m retail complex by Ran & Morris Architecture leverages the power of play with a children’s slide and various entertainment areas.

Chengdu Zhongshuge by X+Living. Photos Shao Feng

X+Living's fanciful bookstore is a wonderland for all ages

CHENGDU – Part bookstore, part library; the magical world of literature has been brought to life in a unique setting in a shopping mall in central China.

Lane 189 by UNStudio. Photos Hufton + Crow / Eric Jap (lead image)

UNStudio fabricates a patterned façade of tessellated diamonds

SHANGHAI – More of a commercial destination than a conventional shopping mall, Lane 189 makes a deeper connection between brands and the young professionals in the area.


Consumerism becomes art becomes customer experience

BUDAPEST – A cloud of price tags floating inside a shopping centre hides a little irony, as Kissmiklos makes a circular statement about consumerism.

The building’s crystalline form refers to the city’s past as a centre of trade in precious stones

Wusibei Thaihot Plaza by Spark

FUZHOU – Located on a busy intersection in Fuzhou’s northern Jinan district, this shining, multi-faceted crystal of a shopping mall is no ordinary retail space.

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