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What’s with all the TV launches in Milan? Cord cutters, plummeting sales and Instagram

Milan – Streaming video killed the TV star – that is, the former star of the living room. In Milan, design houses partnered with electronic manufacturers to counter that. 


For the refurbishment of a Madrid apartment, a Spanish studio looks forward by looking back

Madrid – Estudio Gonzalo del Val updated a 20-year-old domestic typology in the Spanish capital though innovative material use.


The IKEA-Sonos speakers are a big deal… because you hate your neighbours

Milan – The new Symfonisk WiFi speakers, released during this Milan Design Week, are IKEA’s way of saying that freedom from urban noise should be a primary right.


Google’s Milan show was emotionally painful – and that’s exactly what I liked about it

Milan – A Space for Being measures the spaces that make individuals feel most comfortable. The experience made me come to terms with my internalized spatial racism.


This residential building inspired by Dutch pirates shows where Amsterdam’s headed

Amsterdam – Designed and developed by GG-loop, the Freebooter apartments show a different kind of living as more people move from the city’s cramped centre.


An architect’s own house contains multitudes in a small London plot

London – How did Sophie Hicks make the most of a limited plot in the middle of pricey Kensington? By digging down and letting the entire neighbourhood in.


Here are our highlights from the 2019 ISH fair, with key trends for bathroom design

Frankfurt – From the boldness of colour to 3D-printed elements to create limitless design options, here are some of the trends we saw during this year’s ISH fair. 


This refurbished small home is now fit for a man, his best friend and his vegetable garden

Madrid – Husos Arquitectos adapted a small space to the needs of a young doctor with crazy work hours and a short-nosed dog with heat aversion. 


What’s on the ground floor of this wave-like Japanese house? A sake store

Kitami, Japan – Architect Jun Igarashi is behind a new type of Asian shophouse: an apartment on top linked to a sake store below by way of an elegant curve. 


Los Angeles updates a hallmark of the American dream: the single-family home

Los Angeles – We spoke with FreelandBuck co-founder David Freeland about the potential of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and building with blocks.


A three-generation house becomes a solution for Amsterdam’s insane real-estate market

Amsterdam – To safeguard a family against the nightmarish housing market, Dutch architecture firm Beta created a mini-apartment building in a new Amsterdam neighbourhood.


You spin me right round, baby, right round, like an Australian beach house, baby

Mornington, Australia – Beach houses are where dream residential typologies become realities. For Austin Maynard Architects, this one was a chance to challenge even those dreams.


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