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Sergio Mannino Studio prescribes minimalist design for our digital times

New York City – Neighbourhood pharmacy Medly in Brooklyn sheds the clutter and coldness conventional to its genre to optimize delivering multichannel service to patients.


Mathieu Lehanneur’s intersection of Parisian architecture and Japanese ‘friendly but scary’

New York City – In the new Maison Kitsuné flagship store, Mathieu Lehanneur’s interpretation of a French-Japanese aesthetic is Haussmannien meets ‘friendly but scary’.

Columbus by Kogonada.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Architecture Film Festivals

Around the world these events celebrate and showcase this other layer of architecture and here are three upcoming festivals to check out!


ICFF 2017: Decoration over Design

NEW YORK CITY – Interior designers have fought against the label ‘decorators’, but American product designers seem more than happy to fulfil that role.

56 Leonard Street by Herzog & de Meuron. Photos Alexander Severin Architectural

The raw interior of Herzog & de Meuron's jenga building has been revealed

NEW YORK CITY – Sparkly and shiny domestic properties are very nice for living in but often don't make the most interesting of subjects to critique.


Uniqlo 5th Avenue gets a graphic grand statement

NEW YORK CITY – Dutch designer Sigrid Calon expands and abstracts Uniqlo’s logo into bold graphics for the new SuperGeometric collection and the Fifth Avenue store.

Lush hills frame the view on New York harbour.

West8 landscape architects sculpt New York experience

NEW YORK – Governors Island has been derelict for decades. After a substantial redesign by landscape designer Adriaan Geuze, for the views of Manhattan alone the archipelago is worth a visit.

Manhattan unveils 515 years of history as the elevator rises.

New York Time-Lapse From World Trade Center Elevator

NEW YORK – An animated panorama depicting 515 years of Manhattan reveals itself to visitors of the new 1 World Trade Center in a video by Reuben Hernandez

‘In the end, we are hoping that the combination of materials produces a character that is simultaneously comfortable yet institutional, utilitarian yet refined.’

Screen Play Design for Van Alen Institute by Collective-LOK

NEW YORK – Three American designers collaborate on a new space for the non-profit Van Alen Institute.

The display shelf is the single, space defining element in the store.

St. Mark’s Bookshop by Clouds Architecture Office

NEW YORK – The long bookshelf at this New York shop literally embraces the customers.