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There's an electric forest inside a Paris nightclub

Paris – For Guto Requena's light installation in the middle of Paris’ Terminal 7 nightclub, emotions are as important as tech


Masquespacio finds inspiration in Barcelona for the Student Hotel

Barcelona – The Student Hotel Marina Campus, designed by Masquespacio, is an eclectic wonderland that influences interconnectivity.


Five best uses of colour in Night Fever 5

With St-W’s hospitality design series, Night Fever, about to embark on its sixth global tour, we look back at five hypersaturated interiors from the previous edition.


Smile-inspired lines guide patients through the Somriures dental clinic by Masquespacio

L’Alcudia, Spain – Masquespacio reinvents their quirky aesthetic for dental clinic Somriures with an expansive wooden sculpture that cleverly relates to the program.


Masquespacio shines a spotlight on authentic Japanese hospitality in Spain

VALENCIA – Breaking the barrier between interior and exterior, creative agency Masquespacio injects the air of a typical Tokyo neighbourhood into a Spanish eatery.


Hospitality hubs designed for social interaction and cultural reflection

AMSTERDAM – The venues in our new book Night Fever 5 are not only destinations to drink, dine and dream from across the globe, they are also spaces for social interaction, with many of the designs …


Yod Design assigns an industrial edge to a Ukranian burger joint

KIEV – For a burger joint that targets a cosmopolitan crowd, Yod sought a design that would exude a modern, industrial vibe. This project appears in Night Fever 5 that can currently be pre-ordered …


Tom Dixon's cocktail den design explores texture, distortion and reflection

ATLANTA – The first hospitality project in the United States from Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio comes in the form of the sumptuous cocktail bar Himitsu.


Night Fever 5 out soon: discover the latest trends in hospitality design

AMSTERDAM – The next edition of our sought-after book series Night Fever will be out soon, brimming with design inspiration from across the globe. Pre-order now to get 20% discount!


Hospitality destination Oddsson gets dosed in design extremes with a playful twist

REYKJAVIK – Döðlur's hospitality concept for Oddsson takes on a mix of design extremes, putting them in a melting pot and producing a simple yet very powerful idea.


Alberto Caiola sculpts the essence of coffee in a Shanghai cafe

SHANGHAI – Celebrating coffee’s alluring pleasures, Alberto Caiola puts a sculptural ceiling reminiscent of the elixir’s aromatic vapours at the centre of his design.

TANK designed this multipurpose venue as 'a party pad where you can sleep over'.

TANK's lofty hospitality venue emphasizes the verticality of its party-pad credentials

AMSTERDAM – The Loft is a multipurpose venue, designed by local firm TANK, that sits proudly on two upper floors of Amsterdam's recently-completed A’dam Tower.

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