Tulip Mania by Hilde Koenders

The installation culminates within a pitch-dark room as silk panels printed with visages are suspended and spot illuminated.

Just in time for spring, the many faces of Hilde Koenders' Tulip Mania popped up inside the St-W store. Overlooking Amsterdam's historic Herengracht canal, a trio of printed silk panels in the shop window attempt to shield the typical canal house interior while suggesting what lies only a few steps inside.

Upon entering the St-W store, visitors are immediately immersed into Koenders' colourful world of Tulip Mania. Divided into quarters, vibrant petal portraits replace the black and white canvases of i29's optical installation. The white shop interior is enlivened with the rich hues of the dyed tulip petals printed on hanging textiles and wall surfaces. As the framework's panels change in size and position, the enlarged sections of the faces collectively form an enigmatic, layered display when viewed from diverse perspectives. 

The installation culminates within a pitch-dark room as a collection of silk panels printed with assorted visages are suspended and spot illuminated. The black cloths recede into the darkness, letting the saturated portraits float in time. A mysterious breeze softly billows the textile sheets, breathing life into the faces.

There are still a few days left to experience Tulip Mania, the St-W store's latest take over by designer and St-W 103 cover artist . Stop by Herengracht 178 in Amsterdam before Sunday 29 March.

St-W store
Open Tuesday through Sunday

11.00 until 18.00 / free entrance
+31 (0)20 764 0990


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