The Lake & Stars Pop-Up Shop

Shoppers can look through cones to see selected items of clothing on display, coloured by splashes of light.

At an avant-garde NYC pop-up store, shoppers can glimpse at clothing through a giant kaleidoscope and mannequins seemingly come to life under rainbows of light.

Made of 29 irregularly-shaped cones, a furry black structure rests in the middle of the space to divide it in two. To its left is a ‘regular’ shopping area, with products from displayed on glossy hangars and a white runway with models.

The furry black installation encourages an interactive shopping experience. Pin spots draw shoppers’ eyes to framed openings. As people peer inside these hles, dichroic Plexigas will cause colours to change the reflect at various angles. The result is like a kaleidoscope, shining a rainbow onto mannequins on the other side of the black wall.

‘The piece has an optical effect, but it’s more of an apparatus,’ says Michael Szivos of , who created the project with . ‘There’s a level of interaction involved which will produce effects.’

The pop-up shop is the fourth in the series. It can be seen until 23 November at 57 Walker St. (between Church St. and Broadway, New York, NY 10013). We’ve previously featured two other pop-up projects from this series: Nicola Formachetti and Gage/Clemenceau Architects, plus Irene Neuwirth and TheVeryMany.

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