ODA New York inverts the high-rise residence hierarchy

New York City – Claiming a special dexterity with NYC’s ‘byzantine’ zoning code, ODA New York displays its prowess in the city’s architectural gymnastics arena with 100 Norfolk. The 12-storey residential structure challenges conventional building formats and overthrows the high-rise residence hierarchy by asking one question: ‘Instead of locating the bulk of the building’s mass at its base – where fresh air and sunlight are diminished, and street noise abounds – could 100 Norfolk be oriented upside-down?’

Harnessing unused airspace over an obliging neighbouring building, ODA increases the width of the volume every two floors above the sixth floor. Stacking wider floors over a narrow base allowed the architects to democratize sought-after property features that are typically penthouse-only, maximizing and distributing ample sunlight and city views to the majority of the 38 tenants.

With a rooftop twice the square meterage of the ground floor, various communal amenities are integrated into the roof terrace, including a gym.


This year, the St-W Awards extends its scope to residential projects around the world. There are four new awards in the St-W Awards 2019 category for Residences: Small Apartment of the Year, Large Apartment of the Year, House of the Year and Co-Living Complex of the Year. Find out more about the . 

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