Next Cabane Exhibition

‘Weather the Storm’ by Valentina Carretta and Gustavo Millon provides a space to relax surrounded by a violent storm landscape.

Last week we showed you a unique cabin made of cozy textiles … check out similar cabin projects that are showing in a new exhibition at

The exhibit tells a story through foldable wooden cabins – seven in total, which have each been reinterpreted by a different designer or artist from With the goal to revive the structures, each have been decked out with a different theme, from work to pop-culture, loneliness and games.

The designers say the temporary spaces can be used as shelters or to simply rediscover the quality of simplicity. The cabins were found in a Scottish antique market and have been turned into movable rooms which can be easily assembled and disassembled in various places.

The exhibition can be visited until 10 June at . It has been initiated by ‘creativity think tank’ Fabrica.

Photos courtesy Alberto Ferretto | FABRICA.

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