Lump Series by Nendo

With the Lump collection, Nendo employed traditional Japanese crafts.

Purity of form and tactility are the driving factors behind Lump collection. In tune with Kanae Hasegawa’s investigation of revived Japanese artisanal traditions (published in St-W #97, out on 1 March), we discovered foray into age-old lacquering and wood-turning techniques. The results employ the visceral qualities of contrasting surfaces to reignite awareness about forgotten crafts.

Lump-bowl, Lump-cup and Lump-plate were produced at the workshop in Ishikawa Prefecture. Founded in 1909, the manufacturer has championed the same precise lacquering methods for over a century, something Nendo was inspired by. Interpreting the production process into a simple story, the designer devised a series of rounded objects that cradle perfectly in one’s hands. Exteriors reveal a semi-rough wooden surface with its bespoke grain patterns left intact. Vessel interiors are covered in smooth matte-coloured lacquer. Together, the collection tells its own story.

Photos courtesy of Nendo

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