Ham on Wheels by External Reference Architects

This premium fast-food joint in Barcelona by External Reference Architects makes a statement in honour of a regional delicacy.

Premium fast food on the streets of Barcelona has a new player in town, in the form of the 'Ham on Wheels' takeaway joint by .

Inspired by happy pigs freewheeling around the streets of the Catalan capital, designers Nacho Toribio and Carmelo Zappulla created an eatery that is both bacon and bike related - with a name that aptly references the cuisine that is offered up to customers. It could have been called 'Piglets in the Peleton', though that might have conjured up the wrong food-related delicacy seeing as though it is Spanish ham, for which the region is famous, that is the true focus.

The city's cycling culture rides high in the design, with the colour yellow being the leader of the pack with its vibrant accenting of the interior - in its graphical expressions on the walls and floors giving an urban feeling to the tiny takeaway, as well as catching the eyes of passers-by. Various bike parts can also be spotted throughout, with bicycle saddles hanging from the ceiling in the style of cured hams. A textured mural of one of the aforementioned 'happy pigs' adorns the side wall, with mosaics behind the counter outlining another of the gastronomic protagonists of the region: tomatoes. The aesthetic of the design blends perfectly with the flavours on offer, creating a recipe for success.


The project team for this project included Nacho Toribio and Carmelo Zappulla, along with Chu Uroz, Manuel Ateca and Albert Castellón.

Images Lorenzo Patuzzo.

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