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Luxury retailers learn to relax in order to attract millennial consumers

From Tiffany & Co. to Gucci, high-end stores appeal to the next generation of well-heeled consumers by ditching the old codes of luxury retail.


‘There’s a European snobbery towards Americans in terms of culture and creation’

Paris – Alexandre de Betak rewrote the fashion-show playbook. Now he wants to apply his rebellious approach to other fields.  


Those eye-catching Portuguese soap bars have finally crossed the Atlantic

New York City – For Claus Porto’s first store overseas, Tacklebox Architecture turned a Manhattan store into a portal to Portugal.


Is a six-month furniture subscription better than buying?

New York City – Made from 100 per cent recycled and eco-friendly materials, Kamarq’s subscription-based furniture redefines the sector’s purchasing options.


Abruzzo Bodziak turns pages (and whole walls) in an homage to architecture books

New York City – What are the most important books in a selection put together by Storefront for Art and Architecture for their newest exhibition? The ones that history missed. 


ODA New York inverts the high-rise residence hierarchy

New York City – Typically penthouse-only perks are democratized in 100 Norfolk as ODA turns a limitation into a USP and architectural convention on its head.


When off the shelf doesn’t cut it: the rise of project-specific furniture

New York City – As the redefinition of luxury leads to an increase in customized products, architects are collaborating with furniture brands for one-of-a-kind results.


Leong Leong interprets Everlane’s radical transparency in-store

New York City – Price-tag breakdowns. Walletless shopping. Customer ID integration. Leong Leong interprets Everlane’s mission of radical transparency.


Mathieu Lehanneur’s intersection of Parisian architecture and Japanese ‘friendly but scary’

New York City – In the new Maison Kitsuné flagship store, Mathieu Lehanneur’s interpretation of a French-Japanese aesthetic is Haussmannien meets ‘friendly but scary’.


It’s not shearling – the surprising industrial material in this Opening Ceremony store

New York City – Patrik Ervell repurposes an unexpected material for Opening Ceremony, echoing the aesthetic of the autumn collection.


Joris Laarman on exhibit: the ornamental functionality of robotic design

NEW YORK CITY – To see ‘frozen, functional poems’ of the industrial era transforming into the digital future, look no further than Joris Laarman: Design in the Digital Age.

Columbus by Kogonada.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Architecture Film Festivals

Around the world these events celebrate and showcase this other layer of architecture and here are three upcoming festivals to check out!

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