Madrid articles


Spanish design brand Roca has created the (new) new showroom

Madrid – Roca turned its showrooms into Galleries; now it's turning its Galleries into an online platform that helps design professionals face the challenges of the future.


In Madrid, an indie fashion brand shows the value of investing in retail design

Madrid – The Malababa flagship store in Madrid is a love letter to things that have made the brand a manufacturing marvel  – and people have taken notice.


Want to sleep inside an Almodóvar film? Here’s Hotel Axel in Madrid

Madrid – El Equipo Creativo pays tribute to the cultural (and pop culture) landmarks of the Spanish capital with a fun proposal for Hotel Axel. 


At Chefslab, HFE Architects designs a stage fit for a foodie

Madrid – Héctor Fernández Elorza Architects creates a space designed for the experience of cooking.


Guillermo Santomà reveals the power of the invisible

Madrid – The internet of things leads the experience in Guillermo Santomà’s installation integrated with the Simon iO connectivity system.



Inside Spanish brand Sivasdescalzo’s genre-bending retail approach

Madrid – Antoni Pallejà Office creates a hybridized retail space for Sivasdescalzo with a focus on blending industrial and luxury materials to match its products.



How the Space Race inspired the Movistar eSports training centre

MADRID – Trapezoidal doors and neon contrast with natural wood in the Movistar eSports Centre, combining retro-futuristic aesthetics with physical comfort.


Ohlab injects softness into a Majorcan dental clinic

PALMA – Clients at Emardental Clinic in Palma receive a warm welcome, courtesy of Ohlab. 

The project supports Ana’s autonomy while maintaining and extending a space. Photo Javier de Paz García

Home Back Home by Enorme Studio reveals new domestic socio-politics

MADRID – Enorme Studio researched a trend called ‘de-emancipation’ and reacted with IKEA-hacks.

Placed above a glazed façade, the dwellings awash with vibrant colours states their presence within their surroundings.

Esther Koplowitz Hospice Extension by Hans Abaton

MADRID – Hans Abaton completed the extension of a centre for patients with cerebral palsy.

The project is laid out according to the university’s original plan centred on common spaces.

Plaza Mayor by MTM Arquitectos

MADRID – Madrid-based MTM arquitectos – the initials stand for Madrid Territorio Mutante – strategically planned the design of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s campus in the capital and …

Javier Peña Ibáñez sits in his city-grid inspired interior.

Ciudad Doméstica by Javier Peña Ibáñez

Madrid-Based architect Javier Peña Ibáñez brings the city into our homes. Transcending the urban and domestic scale, furniture and wallcovering-motifs follow the urban layout of Logroño, Spain. …

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