Hangzhou articles


Can uncomfortable seating change the way we consume fast-casual food?

Hangzhou – An Design used austere interiors for Mr. Maimai to keep the customers only focused on the baked goods. 


This ethereal, multi-purpose flower shop in China is designed like a poem

Hangzhou, China – By Jove, designed by Mur Mur Lab in Hangzhou for a florist, is more concept store than mom-and-pop shop. 


This Chinese womenswear shop shows the warm future of retail

Hangzhou, China – Hangzhou gets another futurist-meets-humanist space: this time, a retail store designed by Xianxiang Design for Wellsky womenswear.


Is this the shopping mall of the future?

Hangzhou – X+Living’s Neobio Family Park in Hangzhou is a fantasy-filled destination for parent-child activities.