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Your corner market might soon feature 3D-printed bioplastic furniture

Tokyo – Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, Dus made 3D-printed displays and furnishings for Loft, a department store in Ginza designed by Schemata Architects.


‘There’s a European snobbery towards Americans in terms of culture and creation’

Paris – Alexandre de Betak rewrote the fashion-show playbook. Now he wants to apply his rebellious approach to other fields.  


Clint Baclawski creates seemingly endless environments with ethereal light installations

FRAME 120 – Clint Baclawski transforms photographic images into 3D light installations, morphing the commercial billboard into an object of contemplation.


Five designs for the displaced

From a shopping cart shelter to ‘consumable’ furniture, designers and creators are expanding the meaning of home for migrants and nomads.


Out Now: St-W 120 – The Rules of Engagement

AMSTERDAM – The Jan/Feb issue of St-W explores how exhibitions and events are using immersive technologies to draw visitors into highly engaging experiences.

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