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The final cut: Here are the nominees for the 2019 St-W Awards

Amsterdam – Our international jury has shortlisted clear concepts, category innovation and functional creativity for this edition of the St-W Awards. 

The Silent Room designed by Nathalie Harb isolates visitors from city noise.

Design activists come up with smart solutions to improve livability in Beirut

Beirut – The 7th edition of Beirut Design Week highlights the importance of collaboration and participation in bringing about positive change in the city.


The seat that defined Prada Men’s 2019 Spring/Summer Show

MILAN – An inflatable transparent cube defines Cartesian Space, AMO’s latest set design for Prada Men’s 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Show.


Today only: what retail can learn from hospitality

AMSTERDAM – On 21 February, Alon Baranowitz, Liran Wizman, Matteo Bressanin, Tobias Koch and Vlastimil Spelda give insights to what’s next for retail spaces.


At St-W Lab, an innovative textile allows architecture to luminesce with the wind

AMSTERDAM – The wind puts on a lightshow in Lightwaves by Jólan van der Wiel and Benthem Crouwel Architects at St-W Lab on 21 - 22 February 2018.


The optimism of the world’s largest furniture fair

Milan – 2018’s Salone del Mobile is fast approaching, and promises to expand the horizons of the worldwide design and furnishing industries on 17 - 22 April.


The darkest building on earth might just offer the most enlightening experience

Pyeongchang, South Korea – Asif Khan coats Hyundai’s Pavilion for the Winter Olympics in a super black material that absorbs 99% of the light hitting its surface, marking it the …


At St-W Lab, Nick Verstand presents a meditative experience within an audiovisual installation

AMSTERDAM – Esper, a hypnotic, meditative environment by Studio Nick Verstand, is just one of the intriguing designs on exhibit on 21 - 22 February.


How Karl Lagerfeld inspired the world’s largest furniture fair

Guangzhou, China – CIFF draws on consumer trends in fashion to offer its 190,000 visitors a look into the present and future of the industry.


At St-W Lab, Space10 explores the future of co-living

Amsterdam – Space10 – Ikea’s future-living lab – embarks on a mission to explore new concepts in co-living design. Discover the results of their extensive One Shared House 2030 …


At St-W Lab, Wilkhahn untethers users from their workspace

Amsterdam – On 21-22 February 2018, discover the tailor-made, motion-driven future of the office furniture industry, courtesy of Wilkhahn.  


At St-W Lab, Alice Bleton re-engages busy city dwellers with their surroundings

Amsterdam – The Monade Capsule by Alice Bleton attaches to roofs and facades of buildings to offer a unique escape from bustling city life. Learn more about it at St-W Lab 2018!

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