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Castel Maggiore (Bologna), Italy

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Outdoor Living

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Corradi has been innovating design solutions to maximize enjoyment of the outdoors since 1978. Leveraging cutting-edge production technology, the company with an international presence was the first to patent a structural combination of a pergola and sunshade. In addition to Pergotenda®, the company’s customizable outdoor space solutions include bioclimatic pergolas and sun sails. Corradi’s passion and enthusiasm even after 40 years drives the brand to constantly seek new horizons in the invention of tomorrow’s outdoor spaces.

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Raf Segers


Corradi articles


Too much sun in the Black Sea? Here’s how to throw some shade

Mamaia, Romania – Italian manufacturer Corradi gave the Hotel Iaki Mamaia, located on Romania’s Black Sea coast, a solution for the fact that they have too much of a good thing.


When the mission is to make the outdoors a year-round attraction

Bologna – Italian outdoor living designers extend lifestyle from the inside out with a new covering structure.


Why nautical knowledge is important for outdoor living

Riccione, Italy – The charming seventh-storey terrace ‘Settimo Piano’ in Lungomare Hotel is enhanced with sea-inspired, outdoor living design solutions by Corradi.


Architecture for a new fluidity of living spaces

CARPI, Italy – A minimalist design by Gian Luca Montanari of MGGM Studio takes a structural approach to space, balancing architectural volumes with the outdoors.