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Your corner market might soon feature 3D-printed bioplastic furniture

Tokyo – Inspired by Japanese folding and drawing techniques, Dus made 3D-printed displays and furnishings for Loft, a department store in Ginza designed by Schemata Architects.


Forget clay: these delftware vases are made from human tissue

Eindhoven – Hongjie Yang's Semi-Human Delft Blue vases, made with human cells, were engineered with a process used for cancer research.


This year’s COS Milan installation went bigger — as in, it was made with bold humility

Milan – By bringing architect Arthur Mamou-Mani on board for its Milan Design Week installation, titled Conifera, the Swedish brand threw down a production gauntlet.


Here are five leather alternatives probably heading to your living room

Eindhoven – From fish to palm leaves and linoleum, these proposals provide a potentially scalable alternative to the resource-guzzling cow leather industry.

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