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Being inside this new ramen restaurant is like picnicking under cherry blossom trees

Sydney – Australian studio Span Design used colour and video mapping projection to create a dining experience like that during Japan’s annual Hanami festival.


Yes, we swear: this warm and sculpted space is actually a secondary school

Melbourne – Using (shock!) inexpensive cardboard tubes, Branch Studio Architects managed to create an elegant and humane update for a secondary school in Australia. 


You spin me right round, baby, right round, like an Australian beach house, baby

Mornington, Australia – Beach houses are where dream residential typologies become realities. For Austin Maynard Architects, this one was a chance to challenge even those dreams.


How can you make an office feel both polished and down-to-earth?

Perth – For the Multiplex headquarters in Perth, Woods Bagot came up with a proposal that was able to be many good things at once. 


Covet luxury eyewear? This Melbourne optical studio indicates the industry’s global staying power

Melbourne – Vision Studio by Studio Edwards is an example of the fashion industry’s spatial impact on the luxury eyewear market.


Sibling Architecture advocates a more inclusive approach to spatial design

SYDNEY – Amelia Borg, Nicholas Braun, Jane Caught, Timothy Moore and Qianyi Lim’s participatory projects initiate conversations intended to facilitate spatial design.


In Melbourne, terrace house King Bill gives back to the community

Melbourne, Australia – A residential renovation by Austin Maynard Architects focused on sharing its garden spaces with the neighbours.


Universal Design Studio transforms Canberra's retail landscape by invoking its heritage

Canberra, Australia – Informed by 20th-century architect Walter Burley Griffin, the Canberra Centre emphasizes connection between people and with nature.


Ben Berwick of Prevalent explains how Susuru is designed like a Tokyo metro station

Newcastle, Australia – The impactful minimalism of Susuru Ramen and Gyoza Bar transports guests to its culinary origins in more ways than one.


Five Days of St-W 118: Noma here and there

Tulum, Mexico / Sydney, Australia – Despite its Scandinavian roots, Noma proves time and place trump all with pop-ups on two contrasting continents.


Makers of Australian Products reveals its creative spirit under new direction

Objects – At Denfair 2017, MAP’s new collection of tables, seating, and storage solutions as well as its new direction under Schiavello were revealed for the first time.

The EY Centre by FJMT Studio. Photos Brett Boardman (unless otherwise stated)

A kinetic timber tower by FJMT responds to the elements

SYDNEY – Rising up from the sandstone bedrock of the east coast of Australia, the EY Centre stands out from the greyness of its surroundings.


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