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Hilde Koenders uses colour infused tulip petals to create expressive images and prints.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Hilde Koenders

Born and raised in the – a country famous for its flower clad canal houses and mosaic tulip fields – artist and designer Hilde Koenders works with colour on an almost instinctive …


Ninety Minutes of St-W: Sam Bompas

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr founded their multidisciplinary studio Bompas & Parr in 2007. The duo has since sown a tight-knit relationship between the architectural and culinary worlds, generating …

Billboard: Vescom
Billboard: Vescom
Join us at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on Thursday 19 February.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Pigment Pioneers

Beat the wintertime blues as speakers of Ninety Minutes of St-W #6: Pigment Pioneers channel the warmth of the full colour spectrum. Join us at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on Thursday 19 …

Future Proof's Keynote speaker, design critic and author Alice Rawsthorn kicked off the evening by looking at what society will be like in the future. Photo Mees van den Ekart

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Event #5 Recap

Did Amsterdam’s unpredictable winter weather cause you to skip the fifth edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W? Either way, now you can watch the presentations by Anna Lomax, Alice Rawsthorn, Chloé …

'I've always been very sceptical about 3D printed food. Because the fresh vegetables, fruits and un-processed foods that I like to eat simply cannot be made with 3D-printers,' says Rutzerveld.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Chloé Rutzerveld

Following her Claim to St-W at Ninety Minutes of St-W: Future Proof, Chloé Rutzerveld shares a bit more about her leap from studying industrial design at Eindhoven University of Technology into …

Ninety Minutes of St-W #5: Future Proof takes place at Amsterdam's Pakhuis de Zwijger on Thursday, 18 December at 8pm.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Alice Rawsthorn

The New York Times design critic and author will give the 5th edition's keynote, diving head first into design and its role in a continually changing society.

Body Builder by Anna Lomax features an array of found materials. Photo Jess Bonham

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Anna Lomax

Intrigued by pop culture, folk art, pound shops, the bizarre, and other people's junk, Anna Lomax works as art director and set designer on everything from small still lifes to large installations, …

On 18 December, the 5th edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W heads back to the Pakhuis in Amsterdam.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Future Proof

On December 18th, Ninety Minutes of St-W returns to Amsterdam's Pakhuis de Zwijger for its fifth edition.

Leaderboard: Rietveld Academie
Leaderboard: Rietveld Academie
Speakers Robert Thiemann, Niels Hoebers, Mark Woerde, Johan Wagenaar and Liselore Frowijn gave their perspectives on Dutch Design.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Event DDW Recap

At Dutch Design Week, speakers at the special edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W assessed the evolution and current state of Dutch Design.

Come to Strijp-T, TAB building in Eindhoven for a special Dutch Design Week edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Dutch Design What?

A special DDW edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W will assess the direction of Dutch Design by charting its path through the past, present and future.

Models dressed in Fransen's Hoarding (Dis)orders collection took the stage after strutting down the catwalk. Photo de fotomeisjes

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Event #4 Recap

The 4th Ninety Minutes of St-W was packed for an action-packed night about the human body experiencing zero gravity and shrinking to 50 cm.

RSVP for the Special DDW Edition of Ninety Minutes of St-W on October 25th.

Ninety Minutes of St-W: Dutch Design What? at DDW

The winner of the St-W Public Award will be announced during a special edition of St-W's engaging lecture series, Ninety Minutes of St-W.

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